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Agatha Webb
by Anna Katharine Green
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Book I. The Purple Orchid
I. A Cry on the Hill
II. One Night's Work
III. The Empty Drawer
IV. The Full Drawer
V. A Spot on the Lawn
VI. "Breakfast is Served, Gentlemen!"
VII. "Marry Me"
VIII. "A Devil that Understands Men"
IX. A Grand Woman
X. Detective Knapp Arrives
XI. The Man with a Beard
XII. Wattles Comes
XIII. Wattles Goes
XIV. A Final Temptation
XV. The Zabels Visited
XYI. Local Talent at Work
XVII. The Slippers, the Flower, and What Sweetwater Made of Them
XVIII. Some Leading Questions
XIX. Poor Philemon
XX. A Surprise for Mr. Sutherland
Book II. The Man of no Reputation
XXI. Sweetwater Reasons
XXII. Sweetwater Acts
XXIII. A Sinister Pair
XXIV. In the Shadow of the Mast
XXV. In Extremity
XXVI. The Adventure of the Parcel
XXVII. The Adventure of the Scrap of Paper and the Three Words
XXVIII. "Who Are You?"
XXIX. Home Again
Book III. Had Batsy Lived!
XXX. What Followed the Striking of the Clock
XXXI. A Witness Lost
XXXII. Why Agatha Webb Will Never be Forgotten in Sutherlandtown
XXXIII. Father and Son
XXXIV. "Not When They Are Young Girls"
XXXV. Sweetwater Pays His Debt at Last to Mr. Sutherland

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