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The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation
by J. S. Fletcher
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Chapter I. The Midnight Ride
Chapter II. The Dead Man
Chapter III. The Shoe Buckle
Chapter IV. Mr. Franklin Fullaway
Chapter V. The Nastirsevitch JEWELS
Chapter VI. The Prima Donna's Portrait
Chapter VII. The Frantic Impresario
Chapter VIII. The Jewel Box
Chapter IX. The Lady's Maid's Mother
Chapter X. The Second Murder
Chapter XI. The Russian Bank-Notes
Chapter XII. The Third Murder
Chapter XIII. Ambler Appleyard
Chapter XIV. Fifty Thousand Pounds Reward
Chapter XV. The Bayswater Boarding-House
Chapter XVI. Mr. Gerald Rayner
Chapter XVII. The Photograph
Chapter XVIII. Definite Suspicion
Chapter XIX. The Late Call
Chapter XX. Number Fifty-Three
Chapter XXI. The Young Man Who Led Pugs
Chapter XXII. Thick Fog
Chapter XXIII. The Possible Death Warrant
Chapter XXIV. Concerning Carl Federman
Chapter XXV. The Card on the Door
Chapter XXVI. Participants in the Secret
Chapter XXVII. The Millionaire, the Stranger, and the Princess
Chapter XXVIII. The First Pursuit
Chapter XXIX. The Parcel from Hull
Chapter XXX. The Packet in the Safe
Chapter XXXI. The Hyde Park Tea-House
Chapter XXXII. The Chilverton Anti-Climax
Chapter XXXIII. The Smart Miss Slade
Chapter XXXIV. Merrifield Explains
Chapter XXXV. The Allerdyke Way

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