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The Middle Temple Murder
by J. S. Fletcher
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Chapter One. The Scrap of Grey Paper
Chapter Two. His First Brief
Chapter Three. The Clue of the Cap
Chapter Four. The Anglo-Orient Hotel
Chapter Five. Spargo Wishes to Specialize
Chapter Six. Witness to a Meeting
Chapter Seven. Mr. Aylmore
Chapter Eight. The Man from the Safe Deposit
Chapter Nine. The Dealer in Rare Stamps
Chapter Ten. The Leather Box
Chapter Eleven. Mr. Aylmore is Questioned
Chapter Twelve. The New Witness
Chapter Thirteen. Under Suspicion
Chapter Fourteen. The Silver Ticket
Chapter Fifteen. Market Milcaster
Chapter Sixteen. The "Yellow Dragon"
Chapter Seventeen. Mr. Quarterpage Harks Back
Chapter Eighteen. An Old Newspaper
Chapter Nineteen. The Chamberlayne Story
Chapter Twenty. Maitland Alias Marbury
Chapter Twenty-One. Arrested
Chapter Twenty-Two. The Blank Past
Chapter Twenty-Three. Miss Baylis
Chapter Twenty-Four. Mother Gutch
Chapter Twenty-Five. Revelations
Chapter Twenty-Six. Still Silent
Chapter Twenty-Seven. Mr. Elphick's Chambers
Chapter Twenty-Eight. Of Proved Identity
Chapter Twenty-Nine. The Closed Doors
Chapter Thirty. Revelation
Chapter Thirty-One. The Penitent Window-Cleaner
Chapter Thirty-Two. The Contents of the Coffin
Chapter Thirty-Three. Forestalled
Chapter Thirty-Four. The Whip Hand
Chapter Thirty-Five. Myerst Explains
Chapter Thirty-Six. The Final Telegram

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