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Dead Men's Money
by J. S. Fletcher
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Chapter I. The One-Eyed Man
Chapter II. The Midnight Mission
Chapter III. The Red Stain
Chapter IV. The Murdered Man
Chapter V. The Brass-Bound Chest
Chapter VI. Mr. John Phillips
Chapter VII. The Inquest on John Phillips
Chapter VIII. The Parish Registers
Chapter IX. The Marine-Store Dealer
Chapter X. The Other Witness
Chapter XI. Signatures to the Will
Chapter XII. The Salmon Gaff
Chapter XIII. Sir Gilbert Carstairs
Chapter XIV. Dead Man's Money
Chapter XV. Five Hundred a Year
Chapter XVI. The Man in the Cell
Chapter XVII. The Irish Housekeeper
Chapter XVIII. The Ice Ax
Chapter XIX. My Turn
Chapter XX. The Samaritan Skipper
Chapter XXI. Mr. Gavin Smeaton
Chapter XXII. I Read My Own Obituary
Chapter XXIII. Family History
Chapter XXIV. The Suit of Clothes
Chapter XXV. The Second Disappearance
Chapter XXVI. Mrs. Ralston of Craig
Chapter XXVII. The Bank Balance
Chapter XXVIII. The Hathercleugh Butler
Chapter XXIX. All in Order
Chapter XXX. The Carstairs Motto
Chapter XXXI. No Trace
Chapter XXXII. The Link
Chapter XXXIII. The Old Tower
Chapter XXXIV. The Bargain
Chapter XXXV. The Swag
Chapter XXXVI. Gold
Chapter XXXVII. The Dark Pool

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