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The Talleyrand Maxim
by J. S. Fletcher
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Chapter I. Death Brings Opportunity
Chapter II. In Trust
Chapter III. The Shop-Boy
Chapter IV. The Fortunate Possessors
Chapter V. Point-Blank
Chapter VI. The Unexpected
Chapter VII. The Supreme Inducement
Chapter VIII. Terms
Chapter IX. Until Next Spring
Chapter X. The Foot-Bridge
Chapter XI. The Prevalent Atmosphere
Chapter XII. The Power of Attorney
Chapter XIII. The First Trick
Chapter XIV. Cards on the Table
Chapter XV. Pratt Offers a Hand
Chapter XVI. A Headquarters Conference
Chapter XVII. Advertisement
Chapter XVIII. The Confiding Landlord
Chapter XIX. The Eye-Witness
Chapter XX. The Green Man
Chapter XXI. The Direct Charge
Chapter XXII. The Cat's Paw
Chapter XXIII. Smooth Face and Anxious Brain
Chapter XXIV. The Better Half
Chapter XXV. Dry Sherry
Chapter XXVI. The Telephone Message
Chapter XXVII. Restored to Energy
Chapter XXVIII. The Woman in Black

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