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The Leavenworth Case
by Anna Katharine Green
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Book I. The Problem
I. "A Great Case"
II. The Coroner's Inquest
III. Facts and Deductions
IV. A Cuts
V. Expert Testimony
VI. Side-Lights
VII. Mary Leavenworth
VIII. Circumstantial Evidence
IX. A Discovery
X. Mr. Gryce Receives New Impetus
XI. The Summons
XII. Eleanores
XIII. The Problem
Book II. Henry Clavering
XIV. Mr. Gryce at Home
XV. Ways Opening
XVI. The Will of a Millionaire
XVII. The Beginning of Great Surprises
XVIII. ON the Stairs
XIX. In My Office
XX. "Trueman! Trueman! Trueman!"
XXI. A Prejudice
XXII. Patch-Work
XXIII. The Story of a Charming Woman
XXIV. A Report Followed by Smoke
XXV. Timothy Cook
XXVI. Mr. Gryce Explains Himself
Book III. Hannah
XXVII. Amy Belden
XXVIII. A Weird Experience
XXIX. The Missing Witness
XXX. Burned Paper
XXXII. Mrs. Belden's Narrative
XXXIII. Unexpected Testimony
Book IV. The Problem Solved
XXXIV. Mr. Gryce Resumes Control
XXXV. Fine Work
XXXVI. Gathered Threads
XXXVII. Culmination
XXXVIII. A Full Confession
XXXIX. The Outcome of a Great Crime

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