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The Middle of Things
by J. S. Fletcher
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Chapter I. Faced with Reality
Chapter II. Number Seven in the Square
Chapter III. Who was Mr. Ashton?
Chapter IV. The Ring and the Knife
Chapter V. Look for that Man!
Chapter VI. Speculations
Chapter VII. What was the Secret?
Chapter VIII. News from Arcadia
Chapter IX. Looking Backward
Chapter X. The Parish Register
Chapter XI. What Happened in Paris
Chapter XII. The Grey Mare Inn
Chapter XIII. The Japanese Cabinet
Chapter XIV. The Ellingham Motto
Chapter XV. The Present Holder
Chapter XVI. The Outhouse
Chapter XVII. The Claimant
Chapter XVIII. Let Him Appear!
Chapter XIX. Under Examination
Chapter XX. Surprising Readiness
Chapter XXI. The Marseilles Meeting
Chapter XXII. On Remand
Chapter XXIII. Is this Man Right?
Chapter XXIV. The Broken Letter
Chapter XXV. Through the Telephone
Chapter XXVI. The Dismal Street
Chapter XXVII. The Back Way
Chapter XXVIII. The Truth
Chapter XXIX. Who is to Tell Her?

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