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The Filigree Ball
by Anna Katharine Green
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Book I. The Forbidden Room
I. "The Moore House? Are You Speaking of the Moore House?"
II. I Enter
III. I Remain
IV. Signed, Veronica
V. Master and Dog
VI. Gossip
VII. Sly Work
VIII. Slyer Woes
IX. Jinny
X. Francis Jeffrey
Book II. The Law and its Victim
XI. Details
XII. Thrust and Parry
XIII. Chiefly Thrust
XIV.. "Tallman! Let Us Have Tallman!"
XV. White Bow and Pink
XVI. An Egotist of the First Water
XVII. A Fresh Start
XVIII. In the Grass
Book III. The House of Doom
XIX. In Tampa
XX. "The Colonel's Own"
XXI. The Heart of the Puzzle.
XXIII. A Thread in Hand
XXIII. Words in the Night
XXIV. Tantalizing Tactics
XXV. "Who Will Tell the Man Inside There
XXVI. Rudge
XXVII. You Have Come! You Rave Sought Me!"

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