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Initials Only
by Anna Katharine Green
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Book I
Chapter I. Poinsettias
Chapter II. "I Know the Man
Chapter III. The Man
Chapter IV. Sweet Little Miss Clarke
Chapter V. The Red Cloak
Chapter VI. Integrity
Chapter VII. The Letters
Chapter VIII. Strange Doings for George
Chapter IX. The Incident of the Partly Lifted Shade
Book II
Chapter X. A Difference of Opinion
ChapterXI. Alike in Essentials
Chapter XII. Mr. Gryce Finds an Antidote for Old Age
Chapter XIII. Time, Circumstance, and a Villain's Heart
Chapter XIV. A Concession
Chapter XV. That's the Question
Chapter XVI. Opposed
Chapter XVII. In Which a Book Plays a Leading Part
Chapter XVIII. What am I to Do Now
Chapter XIX. The Danger Moment
Chapter XX. Confusion
Chapter XXI. A Change
Chapter XXII. O. B. Again
Book III
Chapter XXIII. Doris
Chapter XXIV. Suspense
Chapter XXV. The Oval Hut
Chapter XXVI. Sweetwater Returns
Chapter XXVII. The Image of Dread
Chapter XXVIII. I Hope Never to See that Man
Chapter XXIX. Do You Know My Brother
Chapter XXX. Chaos
Chapter XXXI. What is He Making
Chapter XXXII. Tell Me, Tell it all
Chapter XXXIII. Alone
Chapter XXXIV. The Hut Changes its Name
Chapter XXXV. SILENCE - And a Knock
Chapter XXXVI. The Man Within and the Man Without
Chapter XXXVII. His Great Hour
Chapter XXXVIII. Night
Chapter XXXIX. The Avenger
Chapter XL. Desolate
Chapter XLI. Five O'Clock in the Morning
Chapter XLII. At Six

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