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The Sky Pilot
by Ralph Connor
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Chapter I. The Foothills Country
Chapter II. The Company of the Noble Seven
Chapter III. The Coming of the Pilot
Chapter IV. The Pilot's Measure
Chapter V. First Blood
Chapter VI. His Second Wind
Chapter VII. The Last of the Permit Sundays
Chapter VIII. The Pilot's Grip
Chapter IX. Gwen
Chapter X. Gwen's First Prayers
Chapter XI. Gwen's Challenge
Chapter XII. Gwen's Canyon
Chapter XIII. The Canyon Flowers
Chapter XIV. Bill's Bluff
Chapter XV. Bill's Partner
Chapter XVI. Bill's Financing
Chapter XVII. How the Pinto Sold
Chapter XVIII. The Lady Charlotte
Chapter XIX. Through Gwen's Window
Chapter XX. How Bill Favored "Home-Grown Industries"
Chapter XXI. How Bill Hit the Trail
Chapter XXII. How the Swan Creek Church was Opened
Chapter XXIII. The Pilot's Last Port

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