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The Young Carthaginian
by George Alfred Henty
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Chapter I: The Camp in the Desert
Chapter II: A Night Attack
Chapter III: Carthage
Chapter IV: A Popular Rising
Chapter V: The Conspiracy
Chapter VI: A Campaign in Spain
Chapter VII: A Wolf Hunt
Chapter VIII: A Plot Frustrated
Chapter IX: The Siege of Saguntum
Chapter X: Beset
Chapter XI: The Passage of the Rhone
Chapter XII: Among the Passes
Chapter XIII: The Battle of the Trebia
Chapter XIV: The Battle of Lake Trasimene
Chapter XV: A Mountain Tribe
Chapter XVI: In the Dungeons of Carthage
Chapter XVII: The Escape
Chapter XVIII: Cannae
Chapter XIX: In the Mines
Chapter XX: The Sardinian Forests
Chapter XXI: The Gaulish Slave
Chapter XXII: The Lion

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