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The Lion of the North
by George Alfred Henty
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Chapter I. The Invitation
Chapter II. Shipwrecked
Chapter III. Sir John Hepburn
Chapter IV. New Brandenburg
Chapter V. Marauders
Chapter VI. The Attack on the Village
Chapter VII. A Quiet Time
Chapter VIII. The Siege of Mansfeld
Chapter IX. The Battle of Breitenfeld
Chapter X. The Passage of the Rhine
Chapter XI. The Capture of Oppenheim
Chapter XII. The Passage of the Lech
Chapter XIII. Captured by the Peasants
Chapter XIV. In the Churchtower
Chapter XV. A Timely Rescue
Chapter XVI. The Siege of Nuremberg
Chapter XVII. The Death of Gustavus
Chapter XVIII. Wounded
Chapter XIX. A Pause in Hostilities
Chapter XX. Friends in Trouble
Chapter XXI. Flight
Chapter XXII. The Conspiracy
Chapter XXIII. The Murder of Wallenstein
Chapter XXIV. Malcolm's Escape
Chapter XXV. Nordlingen

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