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Martin Conisby's Vengeance
by Jeffrey Farnol
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Chapter I. How My Solitude Came to an End
Chapter II. My Troubles Begin
Chapter III. How I Heard a Song that I Knew
Chapter IV. How I Laboured to My Salvation
Chapter V. Telleth How All My Travail Came to Nought
Chapter VI. How I Succoured One Don Federigo, a Gentleman of Spain
Chapter VII. I Am Determined on My Vengeance, and My Reasons Therefor
Chapter VIII. How the Days of My Watching Were Accomplished
Chapter IX. We Fall Among Pirates
Chapter X. How I Came Aboard the Happy Despatch and of My Sufferings There
Chapter XI. How I Fought in the Dark with One Pompey, a Great Blackamoor
Chapter XII. Of Battle, Murder and Resolution Day, His Point of View
Chapter XIII. How We Fought an English Ship
Chapter XIV. Telleth How the Fight Ended
Chapter XV. How I Fell in with My Friend, Captain Sir Adam Penfeather
Chapter XVI. How I Had Word with My Lady, Joan Brandon
Chapter XVII. Telleth the Outcome of My Prideful Folly
Chapter XVIII. Of Roger Tressady and How the Silver Woman Claimed Her Own at Last
Chapter XIX. How Joanna Changed Her Mind
Chapter XX. I Go to Seek My Vengeance
Chapter XXI. How I Came to Nombre de Dios
Chapter XXII. How at Last I Found My Enemy, Richard Brandon
Chapter XXIII. How I Found My Soul
Chapter XXIV. Of Our Adventure at Sea
Chapter XXV. We are Driven Ashore
Chapter XXVI. Our Desperate Situation
Chapter XXVII. We Commence Our Journey
Chapter XXVIII. We Fall in with One Atlamatzin, an Indian Chief
Chapter XXIX. Telleth Somewhat of a Strange City
Chapter XXX. We Resume Our Journey
Chapter XXXI. I Meet a Madman
Chapter XXXII. How I Found My Beloved at Last
Chapter XXXIII. Of Dreams
Chapter XXXIV. Of Love
Chapter XXXV. The Coming of Adam and of Our Great Joy Therein

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