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The Haunted Baronet
by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
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Chapter I. The George and Dragon
Chapter II. The Drowned Woman
Chapter III. Philip Feltram
Chapter IV. The Baronet Appears
Chapter V. Mrs. Julaper's Room
Chapter VI. The Intruder
Chapter VII. The Bank Note
Chapter VIII. Feltram's Plan
Chapter IX. The Crazy Parson
Chapter X. Adventure in Tom Marlin's Boat
Chapter XI. Sir Bale's Dream
Chapter XII. Marcella Bligh and Judith Wale Keep Watch
Chapter XIII. The Mist on the Mountain
Chapter XIV. A New Philip Feltram
Chapter XV. The Purse of Gold
Chapter XVI. The Message from Cloostedd
Chapter XVII. On the Course--Beeswing, Falcon, and Lightning
Chapter XVIII. On the Lake, at Last
Chapter XIX. Mystagogus
Chapter XX. The Haunted Forest
Chapter XXI. Rindermere
Chapter XXII. Sir Bale is Frightened
Chapter XXIII. A Lady in Black
Chapter XXIV. An Old Portrait
Chapter XXV. Through the Wall
Chapter XXVI. Perplexed
Chapter XXVII. The Hour
Chapter XXVIII. Sir Bale in the Gallery
Chapter XXIX. Dr. Torvey's Opinion
Chapter XXX. Hush!

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