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The Sword Maker
by Robert Barr
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I. An Offer to Open the River
II. The Bargain is Struck
III. Dissension in the Ironworkers' Guild
IV. The Disturbing Journey of Father Ambrose
V. The Countess von Sayn and the Archbishop of Cologne
VI. To Be Kept Secret from the Countess
VII. Mutiny in the Wilderness
VIII. The Missing Leader and the Missing Gold
IX. A Solemn Proposal of Marriage
X. A Calamitous Conference
XI. Gold Galore that Takes to Itself Wings
XII. The Laughing Red Margrave of Furstenberg
XIII. "A Sentence; Come, Prepare!"
XIV. The Prisoner of Ehrenfels
XV. Journeys End in Lovers' Meeting
XVI. My Lady Scatters the Freebooters and Captures Their Chief
XVII. "For the Empress, and Not for the Empire"
XVIII. The Sword Maker at Bay
XIX. The Betrothal in the Garden
XX. The Mystery of the Forest
XXI. A Secret Marriage
XXII. Long Live Their Majesties

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