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What's Bred In the Bone
by Grant Allen
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Chapter I. Elma's Stranger.
Chapter II. Two's Company.
Chapter III. Cyril Waring's Brother.
Chapter IV. Inside the Tunnel.
Chapter V. Gratitude.
Chapter VI. Two Strange Meetings.
Chapter VII. Kelmscott of Tilgate.
Chapter VIII. Elma Breaks Out.
Chapter IX. And After?
Chapter X. Colonel Kelmscott's Repentance.
Chapter XI. A Family Jar.
Chapter XII. In Silence and Tears.
Chapter XIII. Business First.
Chapter XIV. Music Hath Power.
Chapter XV. The Path of Duty.
Chapter XVI. Struggle and Victory.
Chapter XVII. Visions of Wealth.
Chapter XVIII. Gentle Wooer.
Chapter XIX. Self or Bearer.
Chapter XX. Montague Nevitt Finesses.
Chapter XXI. Colonel Kelmscott's Punishment.
Chapter XXII. Cross Purposes.
Chapter XXIII. Guy in Luck.
Chapter XXIV. A Slight Misunderstanding.
Chapter XXV. Lead Trumps.
Chapter XXVI. A Chance Meeting.
Chapter XXVII. Something to Their Advantage.
Chapter XXVIII. Mistaken Identity.
Chapter XXIX. Woman's Intuition
Chapter XXX. Fresh Discoveries.
Chapter XXXI. "Golden Joys."
Chapter XXXII. A New Departure.
Chapter XXXIII. Time Flies.
Chapter XXXIV. A Stroke for Freedom.
Chapter XXXV. Perils by the Way.
Chapter XXXVI. Deserted.
Chapter XXXVII. Aux Armes!
Chapter XXXVIII. News from the Cape.
Chapter XXXIX. A Gleam of Light.
Chapter XL. The Bolt Falls.
Chapter XLI. What Judge?
Chapter XLII. Unexpected Evidence.
Chapter XLIII. Sir Gilbert's Temptation.
Chapter XLIV. At Bay.
Chapter XLV. All's Well that Ends Well.

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