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Behind the Line
by Ralph Henry Barbour
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Chapter I. Heroes in Moleskin
Chapter II. Paul Changes His Mind
Chapter III. In New Quarters
Chapter IV. Neil Makes Acquaintances
Chapter V. And Shows His Mettle
Chapter VI. Mills, Head Coach
Chapter VII. The Gentle Art of Handling Punts
Chapter VIII. The Kidnaping
Chapter IX. The Broken Tricycle
Chapter X. Neil Makes the Varsity
Chapter XI. The Result of a Fumble
Chapter XII. On the Hospital List
Chapter XIII. Sydney Studies Strategy
Chapter XIV. Makes a Call
Chapter XV. And Tells of a Dream
Chapter XVI. Robinson Sends a Protest
Chapter XVII. A Plan and a Confession
Chapter XVIII. Neil is Taken Out
Chapter XIX. On the Eve of Battle
Chapter XX. Cowan Becomes Indignant
Chapter XXI. The "Antidote" is Administered
Chapter XXII. Between the Halves
Chapter XXIII. Neil Goes In
Chapter XXIV. After the Battle

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