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The Adventure Club Afloat
by Ralph Henry Barbour
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Chapter I. How it Started
Chapter II. The Club Grows
Chapter III. Cast Off!
Chapter IV. The Follow Me
Chapter V. Sunday Ashore
Chapter VI. In the Fog
Chapter VII. Steve Takes Her In
Chapter VIII. Perry Loses His Way
Chapter IX. Sour Milk
Chapter X. The Follow Me Disappears
Chapter XI. Pursuit
Chapter XII. What Steve Saw
Chapter XIII. Bullets Fly
Chapter XIV. A Ruse that Failed
Chapter XV. Surrender
Chapter XVI. The Burglars
Chapter XVII. Flight
Chapter XVIII. The Squall
Chapter XIX. Shipwrecked
Chapter XX. The Derelict
Chapter XXI. On Board the Catspaw
Chapter XXII. Into Port
Chapter XXIII. Salvage

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