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Left Tackle Thayer
by Ralph Henry Barbour
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Chapter I. A New Boy and an Old One
Chapter II. Captain Innes Receives
Chapter III. Amy Airs His Views
Chapter IV. Clint Cuts Practice
Chapter V. On the Second
Chapter VI. The Runaway Wheel
Chapter VII. Lost!
Chapter VIII. The Mysterious Auto
Chapter IX. Under Suspicion
Chapter X. Buried Treasure
Chapter XI. Brimfield Meets Defeat
Chapter XII. Penny Loses His Temper
Chapter XIII. Amy Wins a Cup
Chapter XIV. The Team Takes Revenge
Chapter XV. A Broken Fiddle
Chapter XVI. Amy Takes a Hand
Chapter XVII. A Stranger Interrupts
Chapter XVIII. A Raid on the Second
Chapter XIX. Mr. Detweiler Instructs
Chapter XX. 'Varsity vs. Second Team
Chapter XXI. The Letter that Wasn't Written
Chapter XXII. Dreer Looks On
Chapter XXIII. Clint Has Stage-Fright
Chapter XXIV. In the Enemy's Country
Chapter XXV. Victory!

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