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The Barrier
by Rex Ellingwood Beach
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Chapter I. The Last Frontier
Chapter II. Poleon Doret's Hand is Quicker than His Tongue
Chapter III. Without Benefit of Clergy
Chapter IV. The Soldier Finds an Untrodden Valley
Chapter V. A Story is Begun
Chapter VI. The Burrell Code
Chapter VII. The Magic of Ben Stark
Chapter VIII. The Knife
Chapter IX. The Awakening
Chapter X. Meade Burrell Finds a Path in the Moonlight
Chapter XI. Where the Path Led
Chapter XII. A Tangled Skein
Chapter XIII. Stark Takes a Hand in the Game
Chapter XIV. A Mystery is Unravelled
Chapter XV. And a Knot Tightened
Chapter XVI. John Gale's Hour
Chapter XVII. The Love of Poleon Doret
Chapter XVIII. Runnion Finds the Singing People
Chapter XIX. The Call of the Oreads

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