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The Money Moon
by Jeffrey Farnol
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Chapter I. Which, being the first, is, very properly, the shortest chapter in the book
Chapter II. How George Bellew sought counsel of his Valet
Chapter III. Which concerns itself with a hay-cart, and a belligerent Waggoner
Chapter IV. How Small Porges in looking for a fortune for another, found an Uncle for Himself instead
Chapter V. How Bellew came to Arcadia
Chapter VI. Of the sad condition of the Haunting Spectre of the Might Have Been
Chapter VII. Which concerns itself among other matters, with "the Old Adam"
Chapter VIII. Which tells of Miss Priscilla, of peaches, and of Sergeant Appleby late of the 19th Hussars
Chapter IX. In which may be found some description of Arcadia, and gooseberries
Chapter X. How Bellew and Adam entered into a solemn league and covenant
Chapter XI. Of the "Man with the Tiger Mark"
Chapter XII. In which may be found a full, true, and particular account of the sale
Chapter XIII. How Anthea came home
Chapter XIV. Which, among, other things, has to do with shrimps, muffins, and tin whistles
Chapter XV. In which Adam explains
Chapter XVI. In which Adam proposes a game
Chapter XVII. How Bellew began the game
Chapter XVIII. How the Sergeant went upon his guard
Chapter XIX. In which Porges Big, and Porges Small discuss the subject of Matrimony
Chapter XX. Which relates a most extraordinary conversation
Chapter XXI. Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax, and the third finger of the left hand
Chapter XXII. Coming events cast their shadows before
Chapter XXIII. How Small Porges, in his hour of need, was deserted by his Uncle
Chapter XXIV. In which shall be found mention of a certain black bag
Chapter XXV. The Conspirators
Chapter XXVI. How the money moon rose
Chapter XXVII. In which is verified the adage of the cup and the lip.
Chapter XXVIII. Which tells how Bellew left Dapplemere in the dawn
Chapter XXIX. Of the moon's message to Small Porges, and how he told it to Bellew--in a whisper
Chapter XXX. How Anthea gave her promise
Chapter XXXI. Which, being the last, is, very properly, the longest in the book

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