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Journalist Jennie Baxter
by Robert Barr
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Chapter I. Jennie Makes Her Toilette and the Acquaintance of a Porter.
Chapter II. Jennie Has Important Conferences with Two Important Editors.
Chapter III. Jennie Interviews a Frightened Official.
Chapter IV. Jennie Learns About the Diamonds of the Princess.
Chapter V. Jennie Meets a Great Detective.
Chapter VI. Jennie Solves the Diamond Mystery.
Chapter VII. Jennie Arranges a Cinderella Visit.
Chapter VIII. Jennie Mixes with the Elite of Earth.
Chapter IX. Jennie Realizes That Great Events Cast Their Shadows Behind.
Chapter X. Jennie Assists in Searching for Herself.
Chapter XI. Jennie Eludes an Offer of Marriage.
Chapter XII. Jennie TOuches the Edge of a Government Secret.
Chapter XIII. Jennie Indulges in Tea and Gossip.
Chapter XIV. Jennie Becomes a Special Police Officer.
Chapter XV. Jennie Bestows Information Upon the Chief of Police.
Chapter XVI. Jennie Visits a Modern Wizard in His Magic Attic.
Chapter XVII. Jennie Engages a Room in a Sleeping Car.
Chapter XVIII. Jennie Endures a Terrible Night Journey.
Chapter XIX. Jennie Experiences the Surprise of Her Life.
Chapter XX. Jennie Converses with a Young Man She Thinks Much Of.
Chapter XXI. Jennie Keeps Step with the Wedding March.

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