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Wylder's Hand
by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
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Chapter I. Relating How I Drove Through the Village of Gylingden with Mark Wylder's Letter in My Valise.
Chapter II. In Which I Enter the Drawing-Room.
Chapter III. Our Dinner Party at Brandon.
Chapter IV. In Which We go to the Drawing-Room and the Party Breaks Up.
Chapter V. In Which My Slumber is Disturbed.
Chapter VI. In Which Dorcas Brandon Speaks.
Chapter VII. Relating How a London Gentleman Appeared in Redman's Dell.
Chapter VIII. In Which Captain Lake Takes His Hat and Stick.
Chapter IX. I See the Ring of the Persian Magician.
Chapter X. The Ace of Hearts.
Chapter XI. In Which Lake Under the Trees of Brandon, and I in My Chamber, Smoke Our Nocturnal Cigars.
Chapter XII. In Which Uncle Lorne Troubles Me.
Chapter XIII. The Pony Carriage
Chapter XIV. In Which Various Persons Give Their Opinions of Captain Stanley Lake.
Chapter XV. Dorcas Shows Her Jewels to Miss Lake.
Chapter XVI. 'Jenny, Put the Kettle On.'
Chapter XVII. Rachel Lake Sees Wonderful Things by Moonlight from Her Window.
Chapter XVIII. Mark Wylder's Slave.
Chapter XIX. The Tarn in the Park.
Chapter XX. Captain Lake Takes an Evening Stroll About Gylingden.
Chapter XXI. In Which Captain Lake Visits His Sister's Sick Bed.
Chapter XXII. In Which Captain Lake Meets a Friend Near the White House.
Chapter XXIII. How Rachel Slept That Night in Redman's Farm.
Chapter XXIV. Dorcas Brandon Pays Rachel a Visit.
Chapter XXV. Captain Lake Looks in at NightfalL.
Chapter XXVI. Captain Lake Follows to London.
Chapter XXVII. Lawyer Larkin's Mind Begins to Work.
Chapter XXVIII. Mark Wylder's Submission.
Chapter XXIX. How Mark Wylder's Disappearance Affected His Friends.
Chapter XXX. In Brandon Park.
Chapter XXXI. In Redman's Dell.
Chapter XXXII. Mr. Larkin and the Vicar.
Chapter XXXIII. The Ladies on Gylingden Heath.
Chapter XXXIV. Sir Julius Hockley's Letter.
Chapter XXXV. The Hunt Ball.
Chapter XXXVI. The Ball Room.
Chapter XXXVII. The Supper-Room.
Chapter XXXVIII. After the Ball.
Chapter XXXIX. In Which Miss Rachel Lake Comes to Brandon, and Doctor Buddle Calls Again.
Chapter XL. The Attorney's Adventures on the Way Home.
Chapter XLI. In Which Sir Francis Seddley Manipulates.
Chapter XLII. A Paragraph in the County Paper.
Chapter XLIII. An Evil Eye Looks on the Vicar.
Chapter XLIV. In Which Old Tamar Lifts Up Her Voice in Prophecy.
Chapter XLV. Deep and Shallow.
Chapter XLVI. Debate and Interruption.
Chapter XLVII. A Threatening Notice.
Chapter XLVIII. In Which I Go to Brandon, and See an Old Acquaintance in the Tapestry Room.
Chapter XLIX. Larcom, the Butler, Visits the Attorney.
Chapter L. New Lights.
Chapter LI. A Fracas in the Library.
Chapter LII. An Old Friend Looks into the Garden at Redman's Farm.
Chapter LIII. The Vicar's Complications, Which Lively People Had Better not Read.
Chapter LIV. Brandon Chapel on Sunday.
Chapter LV. The Captain and the Attorney Converse Among the Tombs.
Chapter LVI. The Brandon Conservatory.
Chapter LVII. Concerning a New Danger Which Threatened Captain Stanley Lake.
Chapter LVIII. Miss Rachel Lake Becomes Violent.
Chapter LIX. An Enemy in Redman's Dell.
Chapter LX. Rachel Lake Before the Accuser.
Chapter LXI. In Which Dame Dutton is Visited.
Chapter LXII. The Captain Explains Why Mark Wylder Absconded.
Chapter LXIII. The Ace of Hearts.
Chapter LXIV. In the Dutch Room.
Chapter LXV. I Revisit Brandon Hall.
Chapter LXVI. Lady Macbeth.
Chapter LXVII. Mr. Larkin is Vis-a-Vis with a Concealed Companion.
Chapter LXVIII. The Companion Discloses Himself.
Chapter LXIX. Of a Spectre Whom Old Tamar Saw.
Chapter LXX. The Meeting in the Long Pond Alley.
Chapter LXXI. Sir Harry Bracton's Invasion of Gylingden.
Chapter LXXII. Mark Wylder's Hand.
Chapter LXXIII. The Mask Falls.
Chapter LXXIV. We Take Leave of Our Friends.

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