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Heart of the Sunset
by Rex Ellingwood Beach
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I. The Water-Hole
II. The Ambush
III. What Happened at the Water-Hole
IV. An Evening at Las Palmas
V. Something About Heredity
VI. A Journey, and a Dark Man
VII. Luis Longorio
VIII. Blaze Jones's Nemesis
IX. A Scouting Trip
X. A Ranger's Horse
XI. Judge Ellsworth Exacts a Promise
XII. Longorio Makes Bold
XIII. Dave Law Becomes Jealous
XIV. Jose Sanchez Swears an Oath
XV. The Truth About Panfilo
XVI. The Rodeo
XVII. The Guzman Incident
XVIII. Ed Austin Turns at Bay
XIX. Rangers
XX. Superstitions and Certainties
XXI. An Awakening
XXII. What Ellsworth Had to Say
XXIII. The Crash
XXIV. Dave Law Comes Home
XXV. A Warning and a Surprise
XXVI. The Water-Cure
XXVII. La Feria
XXVIII. The Doors of Paradise
XXIX. The Priest from Monclova
XXX. The Man of Destiny
XXXI. A Spanish Will
XXXII. The Dawn

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