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The Net
by Rex Ellingwood Beach
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I. The Train from Palermo
II. A Confession and a Promise
III. The Golden Girl
IV. The Feast at Terranova
V. What Waited at the Roadside
VI. A New Resolve
VII. The Search Begins
VIII. Old Trails
IX. "One Who Knows"
X. Myra Nell Warren
XI. The Kidnapping
XII. La Mafia
XIII. The Blood of His Ancestors
XIV. The Net Tightens
XV. The End of the Quest
XVI. Quarantine
XVII. An Obligation is Met
XVIII. Belisario Cardi
XIX. Felicite
XX. The Man in the Shadows
XXI. Under Fire
XXII. A Misunderstanding
XXIII. The Trial and the Verdict
XXIV. At the Feet of the Statue
XXV. The Appeal
XXVI. At the Dusk

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