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The Village Rector
by Honore de Balzac
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I. The Sauviats
II. Veronique
III. Marriage
IV. The History of Many Married Women in the Provinces
V. Tascheron
VI. Discussions and Christian Solicitudes
VII. Montegnac
VIII. The Rector of Montegnac
IX. Denise
X. Third Phase of Veronique's Life
XI. The Rector at Work
XII. The Soul of Forests
XIII. Farrabesche
XIV. The Torrent of the Gabou
XV. Story of a Galley-Slave
XVI. Concerns One of the Blunders of the Nineteenth Century
XVII. The Revolution of July Judged at Montegnac
XVIII. Catherine Curieux
XIX. A Death Blow
XX. The Last Struggle
XXI. Confession at the Gates of the Tomb

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