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Rainbow's End
by Rex Ellingwood Beach
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I. The Valley of Delight
II. Spanish Gold
III. "The O'Reilly"
IV. Retribution
V. A Cry from the Wilderness
VI. The Quest Begins
VII. The Man Who Would Know Life
VIII. The Spanish Doubloon
IX. Marauders
X. O'Reilly Talks Hog Latin
XI. The Hand of the Captain-General
XII. When the World Ran Backward
XIII. Capitulation
XIV. A Woman with a Mission
XV. Filibusters
XVI. The City Among the Leaves
XVII. The City of Beggars
XVIII. Speaking of Food
XIX. That Sick Man from San Antonio
XX. El Demonio's Child
XXI. Treasure
XXII. The Trocha
XXIII. Into the City of Death
XXIV. Rosa
XXV. The Haunted Garden
XXVI. How Cobo Stood on His Head
XXVII. Morin, the Fisherman
XXVIII. Three Travelers Come Home
XXIX. What Happened at Sundown
XXX. The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

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