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The Indiscretion of the Duchess
by Anthony Hope
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Chapter I. A Multitude Of Good Reasons.
Chapter II. The Significance Of A Supper-table.
Chapter III. The Unexpected That Always Happened.
Chapter IV. The Duchess Defines Her Position.
Chapter V. A Strategic Retreat.
Chapter VI. A Hint Of Something Serious.
Chapter VII. Heard Through The Door.
Chapter VIII. I Find That I Care.
Chapter IX. An Unparalleled Insult.
Chapter X. Left On My Hands.
Chapter XI. A Very Clever Scheme.
Chapter XII. As A Man Possessed.
Chapter XIII. A Timely Truce.
Chapter XIV. For An Empty Box.
Chapter XV. I Choose My Way.
Chapter XVI. The Inn Near Pontorson.
Chapter XVII. A Reluctant Intrusion.
Chapter XVIII. A Strange Good Humor.
Chapter XIX. Unsummoned Witnesses.
Chapter XX. The Duke's Epitaph.
Chapter XXI. A Passing Carriage.
Chapter XXII. From Shadow To Sunshine.

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