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Mrs. Perkins's Ball
by William Makepeace Thackary
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I. The Mulligan (Of Ballymulligan).
II. Mr. And Mrs. Perkins.
III. Everybody Begins to Come.
IV. The Ball-room Door.
V. Lady Bacon, the Miss Bacons, Mr. Flam.
VI. Mr. Larkins.
VII. Miss Bunion.
VIII. Mr. Hicks.
IX. Miss Meggot.
X. Miss Ranville, Rev. Mr. Toop, Miss Mullins, Mr. Winter.
XI. Miss Joy, Mr. And Mrs. Joy, Mr. Botter.
XII. Mr. Ranville Ranville and Jack Hubbard.
XIII. Mrs. Trotter, Miss Trotter, Miss Toady, Lord Methuselah.
XIV. Mr. Beaumoris, Mr. Grig, Mr. Flynders.
XV. Cavalier Seul.
XVI. M. Canaillard, Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.
XVII. The Boudoir.
XVIII. Grand Polka.
XIX. The Supper.
XX. After Supper.
XXI. The Mulligan and Mr. Perkins.

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