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Beauchamp's Career
by George Meredith
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Vol. I.
Chapter I. The Champion of His Country.
Chapter II. Uncle, Nephew, and Another.
Chapter III. Contains Baronial Views of the Present Time.
Chapter IV. A Glimpse of Nevil in Action.
Chapter V. Renée.
Chapter VI. Love in Venice.
Chapter VII. An Awakening for Both.
Chapter VIII. A Night on the Adriatic.
Chapter IX. Morning At Sea Under the Alps.
Chapter X. A Singular Council.
Chapter XI. Captain Baskelett.
Chapter XII. An Interview With the Infamous Dr. Shrapnel.
Chapter XIII. A Superfine Conscience.
Chapter XIV. The Leading Article and Mr. Timothy Turbot.
Chapter XV. Cecilia Halkett.
Chapter XVI. A Partial Display of Beauchamp in His Colours.
Chapter XVII. His Friend and Foe.
Chapter XVIII. Concerning the Act of Canvassing.
Chapter XIX. Lord Palmet, and Certain Electors of Bevisham.
Vol. II.
Chapter I. A Day At Itchincope.
Chapter II. The Question As to the Examination of the Whigs, and the Fine Blow Struck by Mr. Everard Romfrey.
Chapter III. The Drive Into Bevisham.
Chapter IV. Tourdestelle.
Chapter V. His Holiday.
Chapter VI. The Adventure of the Boat.
Chapter VII. Mr. Blackburn Tuckham.
Chapter VIII. A Short Sidelook At the Election.
Chapter IX. Touching a Young Lady's Heart and Her Intellect.
Chapter X. The Epistle of Dr. Shrapnel to Commander Beauchamp.
Chapter XI. The Baiting of Dr. Shrapnel.
Chapter XII. Showing a Chivalrous Gentleman Set in Motion.
Chapter XIII. An Effort to Conquer Cecilia in Beauchamp's Fashion.
Chapter XIV. The First Encounter At Steynham.
Chapter XV. The Face of Renée.
Chapter XVI. The Ride in the Wrong Direction.
Chapter XVII. Pursuit of the Apology of Mr. Romfrey to Dr. Shrapnel.
Vol. III.
Chapter I. Cecilia Conquered.
Chapter II. Lord Avonley.
Chapter III. Between Beauchamp and Cecilia.
Chapter IV. A Trial of Him.
Chapter V. A Lame Victory.
Chapter VI. The Two Passions.
Chapter VII. The Earl of Romfrey and the Countess.
Chapter VIII. The Nephews of the Earl, and Another Exhibition of the Two Passions in Beauchamp.
Chapter IX. A Little Plot Against Cecilia.
Chapter X. As It Might Have Been Foreseen.
Chapter XI. The Refusal of Him.
Chapter XII. In the Heart of Cecilia: and of the Trial Awaiting the Earl of Romfrey.
Chapter XIII. A Fabric of Baronial Despotism Crumbles.
Chapter XIV. At the Cottage on the Common.
Chapter XV. In the Night.
Chapter XVI. Question of a Pilgrimage and an Act of Penance.
Chapter XVII. The Apology to Dr. Shrapnel.
Chapter XVIII. The Fruits of the Apology.
Chapter XIX. Without Love.
Chapter XX. The Last of Nevil Beauchamp.

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