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Evan Harrington
by George Meredith
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Vol. I.
Chapter I. Above Buttons.
Chapter II. The Heritage of the Son.
Chapter III. The Daughters of the Shears.
Chapter IV. On Board the Jocasta.
Chapter V. The Family and the Funeral.
Chapter VI. My Gentleman on the Road.
Chapter VII. Mother and Son.
Chapter VIII. Introduces an Eccentric.
Chapter IX. The Countess in Low Society.
Chapter X. My Gentleman on the Road Again.
Chapter XI. Doings At an Inn.
Chapter XII. In Which Ale Is Shown to Have One Quality of Wine.
Chapter XIII. The Match of Fallowfield Against Beckley.
Chapter XIV. The Countess Describes the Field of Action.
Chapter XV. A Capture.
Vol. II.
Chapter I. Leads to a Small Skirmish Between Rose and Evan.
Chapter II. In Which Evan Writes Himself Tailor.
Chapter III. In Which Evan Calls Himself Gentleman.
Chapter IV. Second Despatch of the Countess.
Chapter V. Break-neck Leap.
Chapter VI. Tribulations and Tactics of the Countess.
Chapter VII. In Which the Daughters of the Great Mel Have to Digest Him At Dinner.
Chapter VIII. Treats of a Handkerchief.
Chapter IX. The Countess Makes Herself Felt.
Chapter X. In Which the Stream Flows Muddy and Clear.
Chapter XI. Mrs. Mel Makes a Bed for Herself and Family.
Chapter XII. Exhibits Rose's Generalship; Evan's Performance on the Second Fiddle; and the Wretchedness of the Countess.
Chapter XIII. Tom Cogglesby's Proposition.
Chapter XIV. Prelude to an Engagement.
Vol. III.
Chapter I. The Battle of the Bull-dogs. Part I.
Chapter II. The Battle of the Bull-dogs. Part II.
Chapter III. In Which Evan's Light Begins to Twinkle Again.
Chapter IV. The Hero Takes His Rank in the Orchestra.
Chapter V. A Pagan Sacrifice.
Chapter VI. Rose Wounded.
Chapter VII. Before Breakfast.
Chapter VIII. The Retreat From Beckley.
Chapter IX. In Which We Have to See in the Dark.
Chapter X. In the Domain of Tailordom.
Chapter XI. In Which the Countess Still Scents Game.
Chapter XII. Reveals an Abominable Plot of the Brothers Cogglesby.
Chapter XIII. Juliana.
Chapter XIV. Rose.
Chapter XV. Contains a Warning to All Conspirators.
Chapter XVI. In Which the Shop Becomes the Centre of Attraction.

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