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Lord Ormont and His Aminta
by George Meredith
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Chapter I. Love At a School
Chapter II. Lady Charlotte
Chapter III. The Tutor
Chapter IV. Recognition
Chapter V. In Which the Shades of Browny and Matey Advance and Retire
Chapter VI. In a Mood of Languor
Chapter VII. Exhibits Effects of a Prattler's Doses
Chapter VIII. Mrs. Lawrence Finchley
Chapter IX. A Flash of the Bruised Warrior
Chapter X. A Short Passage in the Game Played by Two
Chapter XI. The Secretary Taken As an Antidote
Chapter XII. More of Cuper's Boys
Chapter XIII. War At Olmer
Chapter XIV. Old Lovers New Friends
Chapter XV. Showing a Secret Fished Without Angling
Chapter XVI. Along Two Roads to Steignton
Chapter XVII. Lady Charlotte's Triumph
Chapter XVIII. A Scene on the Road Back
Chapter XIX. The Pursuers
Chapter XX. At the Sign of the Jolly Cricketers
Chapter XXI. Under-currents in the Minds of Lady Charlotte and Lord Ormont
Chapter XXII. Treats of the First Day of the Contention of Brother and Sister
Chapter XXIII. The Ormont Jewels
Chapter XXIV. Lovers Mated
Chapter XXV. Preparations for a Resolve
Chapter XXVI. Visits of Farewell
Chapter XXVII. A Marine Duet
Chapter XXVIII. The Plighting
Chapter XXIX. Aminta to Her Lord
Chapter XXX. Conclusion

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