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The Amazing Marriage
by George Meredith
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Chapter I. Enter Dame Gossip As Chorus
Chapter II. Mistress Gossip Tells of the Elopement of the Countess of Cressett With the Old Buccaneer, and of Charles Dump the Postillion Conducting Them, and of a Great County Family
Chapter III. Continuation of the Introductory Meanderings of Dame Gossip, Together With Her Sudden Extinction
Chapter IV. Morning and Farewell to an Old Home
Chapter V. A Mountain Walk in Mist and Sunshine
Chapter VI. The Natural Philosopher
Chapter VII. The Lady's Letter
Chapter VIII. Of the Encounter of Two Strange Young Men and Their Consorting: in Which the Male Reader Is Requested to Bear in Mind What Wild Creature He Was in His Youth, While the Female Should Marvel Credulously
Chapter IX. Concerning the Black Goddess Fortune and the Worship of Her, Together With an Introduction of Some of Her Votaries
Chapter X. Small Causes
Chapter XI. The Prisoner of His Word
Chapter XII. Henrietta's Letter Treating of the Great Event
Chapter XIII. An Irruption of Mistress Gossip in Breach of the Convention
Chapter XIV. A Pendant of the Foregoing
Chapter XV. Opening Stage of the Honeymoon
Chapter XVI. In Which the Bride From Foreign Parts Is Given a Taste of Old England
Chapter XVII. Records a Shadow Contest Close on the Foregoing
Chapter XVIII. Down Whitechapel Way
Chapter XIX. The Girl Madge
Chapter XX. Studies in Fog, Gout, an Old Seaman, a Lovely Serpent, and the Moral Effects That May Come of a Borrowed Shirt
Chapter XXI. In Which We Have Further Glimpses of the Wondrous Mechanism of Our Younger Man
Chapter XXII. A Right-minded Great Lady
Chapter XXIII. In Dame Gossip's Vein
Chapter XXIV. A Kidnapping and No Great Harm
Chapter XXV. The Philosopher Man of Action
Chapter XXVI. After Some Fencing the Dame Passes Our Guard
Chapter XXVII. We Descend Into a Steamer's Engine-room
Chapter XXVIII. By Concessions to Mistress Gossip a Further Intrusion Is Averted
Chapter XXIX. Carinthia in Wales
Chapter XXX. Rebecca Wythan
Chapter XXXI. We Have Again to Deal With the Examples of Our Younger Man
Chapter XXXII. In Which We See Carinthia Put in Practice One of Her Old Father's Lessons
Chapter XXXIII. A Frightful Debate
Chapter XXXIV. A Survey of the Ride of the Welsh Cavaliers Escorting the Countess of Fleetwood to Kentish Esslemont
Chapter XXXV. In Which Certain Changes May Be Discerned
Chapter XXXVI. Below the Surface and Above
Chapter XXXVII. Between Carinthia and Her Lord
Chapter XXXVIII. A Dip Into the Spring's Waters
Chapter XXXIX. The Red Warning From a Son of Vapour
Chapter XL. A Record of Minor Incidents
Chapter XLI. In Which the Fates Are Seen and a Choice of the Refuges From Them
Chapter XLII. The Retarded Courtship
Chapter XLIII. On the Road to the Act of Penance
Chapter XLIV. Between the Earl, the Countess and Her Brother, and of a Silver Cross
Chapter XLV. Contains a Record of What Was Feared, What Was Hoped, and What Happened
Chapter XLVI. A Chapter of Undercurrents and Some Surface Flashes
Chapter XLVII. The Last: With a Concluding Word by the Dame

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