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The Celt and Saxon
by George Meredith
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Book 1.
Chapter I. Wherein an Excursion Is Made in a Celtic Mind
Chapter II. Mr. Adister
Chapter III. Caroline
Chapter IV. The Princess
Chapter V. At the Piano, Chiefly Without Music
Chapter VI. A Consultation: With Opinions Upon Welshwomen and the Cambrian Race
Chapter VII. The Miniature
Chapter VIII. Captain Con and Mrs. Adister O'donnell
Chapter IX. The Captain's Cabin
Chapter X. The Brothers
Chapter XI. Introducing a New Character
Book 2.
Chapter XII. Miss Mattock
Chapter XIII. The Dinner-party
Chapter XIV. Of Rockney
Chapter XV. The Mattock Family
Chapter XVI. Of the Great Mr. Bull and the Celtic and Saxon View of Him: and Something of Richard Rockney
Chapter XVII. Crossing the Rubicon
Chapter XVIII. Captain Con's Letter
Chapter XIX. Mars Convalescent

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