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The Egoist
by George Meredith
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Prelude. A Chapter of Which the Last Page Only Is of Any Importance
Chapter I. A Minor Incident Showing an Hereditary Aptitude in the Use of the Knife
Chapter II. The Young Sir Willoughby
Chapter III. Constantia Durham
Chapter IV. Laetitia Dale
Chapter V. Clara Middleton
Chapter VI. His Courtship
Chapter VII. The Betrothed
Chapter VIII. A Run With the Truant; a Walk With the Master
Chapter IX. Clara and Laetitia Meet: They Are Compared
Chapter X. In Which Sir Willoughby Chances to Supply the Title for Himself
Chapter XI. The Double-blossom Wild Cherry-tree
Chapter XII. Miss Middleton and Mr. Vernon Whitford
Chapter XIII. The First Effort After Freedom
Chapter XIV. Sir Willoughby and Laetitia
Chapter XV. The Petition for a Release
Chapter XVI. Clara and Laetitia
Chapter XVII. The Porcelain Vase
Chapter XVIII. Colonel De Craye
Chapter XIX. Colonel De Craye and Clara Middleton
Chapter XX. An Aged and a Great Wine
Chapter XXI. Clara's Meditations
Chapter XXII. The Ride
Chapter XXIII. Treats of the Union of Temper and Policy
Chapter XXIV. Contains an Instance of the Generosity of Willoughby
Chapter XXV. The Flight in Wild Weather
Chapter XXVI. Vernon in Pursuit
Chapter XXVII. At the Railway Station
Chapter XXVIII. The Return
Chapter XXIX. In Which the Sensitiveness of Sir Willoughby Is Explained: and He Receives Much Instruction
Chapter XXX. Treating of the Dinner-party At Mrs. Mountstuart Jenkinson's
Chapter XXXI. Sir Willoughby Attempts and Achieves Pathos
Chapter XXXII. Laetitia Dale Discovers a Spiritual Change and Dr Middleton a Physical
Chapter XXXIII. In Which the Comic Muse Has an Eye on Two Good Souls
Chapter XXXIV. Mrs. Mountstuart and Sir Willoughby
Chapter XXXV. Miss Middleton and Mrs. Mountstuart
Chapter XXXVI. Animated Conversation At a Luncheon-table
Chapter XXXVII. Contains Clever Fencing and Intimations of the Need for It
Chapter XXXVIII. In Which We Take a Step to the Centre of Egoism
Chapter XXXIX. In the Heart of the Egoist
Chapter XL. Midnight: Sir Willoughby and Laetitia: With Young Crossjay Under a Coverlet
Chapter XLI. The Rev. Dr. Middleton, Clara, and Sir Willoughby
Chapter XLII. Shows the Divining Arts of a Perceptive Mind
Chapter XLIII. In Which Sir Willoughby Is Led to Think That the Elements Have Conspired Against Him
Chapter XLIV. Dr Middleton: the Ladies Eleanor and Isabel: and Mr. Dale
Chapter XLV. The Patterne Ladies: Mr. Dale: Lady Busshe and Lady Culmer: With Mrs. Mountstuart Jenkinson
Chapter XLVI. The Scene of Sir Willoughby's Generalship
Chapter XLVII. Sir Willoughby and His Friend Horace De Craye
Chapter XLVIII. The Lovers
Chapter XLIX. Laetitia and Sir Willoughby
Chapter L. Upon Which the Curtain Falls

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