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The Ordeal of Richard Feverel
by George Meredith
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Chapter I. The Inmates of Raynham Abbey.
Chapter II. Showing How the Fates Selected the Fourteenth Birthday to Try the Strength of the System.
Chapter III. The Magian Conflict
Chapter IV. Arson.
Chapter V. Adrian Plies His Hook.
Chapter VI. Juvenile Stratagems.
Chapter VII. Daphne's Bower.
Chapter VIII. The Bitter Cup.
Chapter IX. A Fine Distinction.
Chapter X. Richard Passes Through His Preliminary Ordeal, and Is the Occasion of an Aphorism.
Chapter XI. In Which the Last Act of the Bakewell Comedy Is Closed in A Letter.
Chapter XII. The Blossoming Season.
Chapter XIII. The Magnetic Age.
Chapter XIV. An Attraction.
Chapter XV. Ferdinand and Miranda.
Chapter XVI. Unmasking of Master Ripton Thompson.
Chapter XVII. Good Wine and Good Blood.
Chapter XVIII. The System Encounters the Wild Oats Special Plea.
Chapter XIX. A Shadowy View of Coelebs Pater Going About With a Glass Slipper.
Chapter XX. A Diversion Played on a Penny-whistle.
Chapter XXI. Celebrates the Time-honoured Treatment of a Dragon by the Hero.
Chapter XXII. Richard Is Summoned to Town to Hear a Sermon.
Chapter XXIII. Indicates the Approaches of Fever.
Chapter XXIV. Crisis in the Apple-disease.
Chapter XXV. Of the Spring Primrose and the Autumnal.
Chapter XXVI. In Which the Hero Takes a Step.
Chapter XXVII. Records the Rapid Development of the Hero.
Chapter XXVIII. Contains an Intercession for the Heroine.
Chapter XXIX. Relates How Preparations for Action Were Conducted Under the April of Lovers.
Chapter XXX. In Which the Last Act of a Comedy Takes the Place Of the First.
Chapter XXXI. Celebrates the Breakfast.
Chapter XXXII. The Philosopher Appears in Person.
Chapter XXXIII. Procession of the Cake.
Chapter XXXIV. Nursing the Devil.
Chapter XXXV. Conquest of an Epicure.
Chapter XXXVI. Clare's Marriage.
Chapter XXXVII. A Dinner-party At Richmond.
Chapter XXXVIII. Mrs. Berry on Matrimony.
Chapter XXXIX. An Enchantress.
Chapter XL. The Little Bird and the Falcon: a Berry to the Rescue
Chapter XLI. Clare's Diary.
Chapter XLII. Austin Returns.
Chapter XLIII. Nature Speaks.
Chapter XLIV. Again the Magian Conflict.
Chapter XLV. The Last Scene.
Chapter XLVI. Lady Blandish to Austin Wentworth.

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