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The Shaving of Shagpat
by George Meredith
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Book I.
Chapter I. The Thwackings
Chapter II. And This Is the Story of Bhanavar the Beautiful
Book 2.
Chapter III. The Betrothal
Chapter IV. And This Is the Punishment of Shahpesh, the Persian, on Khipil, the Builder
Chapter V. The Genie Karaz
Chapter VI. The Well of Paravid
Chapter VII. The Horse Garraveen
Chapter VIII. The Talking Hawk
Chapter IX. Goorelka of Oolb
Book 3.
Chapter X. The Lily of the Enchanted Sea
Chapter XI. And This Is the Story of Noorna Bin Noorka, the Genie Karaz, and the Princess of Oolb
Chapter XII. The Wiles of Rabesqurat
Chapter XIII. The Palace of Aklis
Chapter XIV. The Sons of Aklis
Chapter XV. The Sword of Aklis
Book 4.
Chapter XVI. Koorookh
Chapter XVII. The Veiled Figure
Chapter XVIII. The Bosom of Noorna
Chapter XIX. The Revival
Chapter XX. The Plot
Chapter XXI. The Dish of Pomegranate Grain
Chapter XXII. The Burning of the Identical
Chapter XXIII. The Flashes of the Blade
Chapter XXIV. Conclusion

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