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by George Meredith
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Book 1.
Chapter I. Up Monte Motterone
Chapter II. On the Heights
Chapter III. Signorina Vittoria
Chapter IV. Ammiani's Intercession
Chapter V. The Spy
Chapter VI. The Warning
Chapter VII. Barto Rizzo
Chapter VIII. The Letter
Book 2.
Chapter IX. In Verona
Chapter X. The Pope's Mouth
Chapter XI. Laura Piaveni
Chapter XII. The Bronze Butterfly
Chapter XIII. The Plot of the Signor Antonio
Book 3.
Chapter XIV. At the Maestro's Door
Chapter XV. Ammiani Through the Midnight
Chapter XVI. Countess Ammiani
Chapter XVII. In the Piazza D'armi
Chapter XVIII. The Night of the Fifteenth
Chapter XIX. The Prima Donna
Book 4.
Chapter XX. The Opera of Camilla
Chapter XXI. The Third Act
Chapter XXII. Wilfrid Comes Forward
Chapter XXIII. First Hours of the Flight
Chapter XXIV. Adventures of Vittoria and Angelo
Chapter XXV. Across the Mountains
Book 5.
Chapter XXVI. The Duel in the Pass
Chapter XXVII. A New Ordeal
Chapter XXVIII. The Escape of Angelo
Book 6.
Chapter XXIX. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. The Tobacco-riots. Rinaldo Guidascarpi
Chapter XXX. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. The Five Days of Milan
Chapter XXXI. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. Vittoria Disobeys Her Lover
Chapter XXXI. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. The Treachery of Pericles. The White Umbrella. The Death of Rinaldo Guidascarpi
Book 7.
Chapter XXXIII. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. Count Karl Lenkenstein. The Story of the Guidascarpi. The Victory of the Volunteers
Chapter XXXIV. Episodes of the Revolt and the War. The Deeds of Barto Rizzo. The Meeting At Roveredo
Chapter XXXV. Close of the Lombard Campaign. Vittoria's Perplexity
Chapter XXXVI. A Fresh Entanglement
Chapter XXXVII. On Lago Maggiore
Chapter XXXVIII. Violetta D'isorella
Chapter XXXIX. Anna of Lenkenstein
Book 8.
Chapter XL. Through the Winter
Chapter XLI. The Interview
Chapter XLII. The Shadow on Conspiracy
Chapter XLIII. The Last Meeting in Milan
Chapter XLIV. The Wife and the Husband
Chapter XLV. Shows Many Paths Converging to the End
Chapter XLVI. The Last

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