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The Wanderer's Necklace
by H. Rider Haggard
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Note by the Editor
Book I. Aar
Chapter I. The Betrothal of Olaf
Chapter II. The Slaying of the Bear
Chapter III. The Wanderer's Necklace
Chapter IV. Iduna Wears the Necklace
Chapter V. The Battle on the Sea
Chapter VI. How Olaf Fought With Odin
Book II. Byzantium
Chapter I. Irene, Empress of the Earth
Chapter II. The Blind CĂsar
Chapter III. Mother and Son
Chapter IV. Olaf Offers His Sword
Chapter V. Ave Post Secula
Chapter VI. Heliodore
Chapter VII. Victory Or Valhalla!
Chapter VIII. The Trial of Olaf
Chapter IX. The Hall of the Pit
Chapter X. Olaf Gives Judgment
Book III. Egypt
Chapter I. Tidings From Egypt
Chapter II. The Statues by the Nile
Chapter III. The Valley of the Dead Kings
Chapter IV. The Caliph Harun
Chapter V. Irene's Prayer

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