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by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
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Book I.
Chapter I. The Enchanter and the Warrior.
Chapter II. The King Within His Palace.
Chapter III. The Lovers.
Chapter IV. The Father and Daughter.
Chapter V. Ambition Distorted Into Vice by Law.
Chapter VI. The Lion in the Net
Book II.
Chapter I. The Royal Tent of Spain.. The King and the Dominican. The Visitor and the Hostage.
Chapter II. The Ambush, the Strife, And the Capture.
Chapter III. The Hero in the Power of The Dreamer.
Chapter IV. A Fuller View of the Character of Boabdil.. Muza in the Gardens of His Beloved.
Chapter V. Boabdil's Reconciliation With His People.
Chapter V. Leila.. Her New Lover.. Portrait of the First Inquisitor of Spain.. The Chalice Returned to the Lips of Almamen.
Chapter VII. The Tribunal and the Miracle
Book III.
Chapter I. Isabel and the Jewish Maiden.
Chapter II. The Temptation of the Jewess,. In Which the History Passes From the Outward to the Internal.
Chapter III. The Hour and the Man
Book IV.
Chapter. I. Leila in the Castle. The Siege.
Chapter II. Almamen's Proposed Enterprise.. The Three Israelites. Circumstance Impresses Each Character With a Varying Die.
Chapter III. The Fugitive and the Meeting
Chapter IV. Almamen Hears and Sees, But Refuses to Believe; for the Brain, Overwrought, Grows Dull, Even in The Keenest.
Chapter V. In the Ferment of Great Events the Dregs Rise.
Chapter VI. Boadbil's Return.. The Reappearance of Granada.
Chapter VII. The Conflagration.. The Majesty of an Individual Passion in the Midst of Hostile Thousands.
Book V.
Chapter I. The Great Battle.
Chapter II. The Novice.
Chapter III. The Pause Between Defeat And Surrender.
Chapter IV. The Adventure of the Solitary Horseman.
Chapter V. The Sacrifice.
Chapter VI. The Return. The Riot. The Treachery. And the Death.
Chapter VII. The End.

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