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Black Bartlemy's Treasure
by Jeffrey Farnol
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Chapter I. Of What Befell on Pembury Hill
Chapter II. How I Heard a Song in the Wood at Midnight
Chapter III. Tells How I Stole My Breakfast
Chapter IV. Telleth How I Met One Adam Penfeather
Chapter V. How I Came to Conisby Shene
Chapter VI. Of My Shameful Sufferings and How I Was Delivered Therefrom
Chapter VII. How I Heard Tell of Black Bartlemy's Treasure
Chapter VIII. How I Fell in With One God-Be-Here, A Peddler
Chapter IX. How I Had Word with the Lady Joan Brandon for the Third Time
Chapter X. How I Swore to the Blood-Brotherhood
Chapter XI. Adam Penfeather, His Narrative
Chapter XII. Telleth of a Fight in the Dark
Chapter XIII. We Set Out for Deptford Pool
Chapter XIV. How I Came Aboard the "Faithful Friend"
Chapter XV. Telleth of a Nameless Black Ship
Chapter XVI. Tells How We Were Dogged by the Black Ship
Chapter XVII. Telleth How an Eye Watched Me from the Dark
Chapter XVIII. Concerning the Mark of a Bloody Hand and How I Lay in the Bilboes on Suspicion of Murder
Chapter XIX. Concerning the Princess Damaris
Chapter XX. How I Came Out of My Bonds and of the Terrors of a Fire at Sea
Chapter XXI. Telleth How the Said Fire Came About
Chapter XXII. Telleth How We Were Cast Adrift
Chapter XXIII. Divers Perils and Dangers at Sea
Chapter XXIV. How We Came to Black Bartlemy's Island
Chapter XXV. How I Was Haunted of Black Bartlemy
Chapter XXVI. We Come Upon Grim Evidences of Adam Penfeather
Chapter XXVII. Divers Adventures on the Island
Chapter XXVIII. I Become a Jack-of-All-Trades
Chapter XXIX. Of My Encounter Beneath Bartlemy's Tree
Chapter XXX. Of My Sick Humours
Chapter XXXI. I Try My Hand at Pottery
Chapter XXXII. Tells How I Found a Secret Cave
Chapter XXXIII. We Explore the Island
Chapter XXXIV. How I Stood Resolute in My Folly
Chapter XXXV. How My Dear Lady was Lost to Me
Chapter XXXVI. Telleth Some Part of a Night of Agony
Chapter XXXVII. How I Sought Death but Found it Not
Chapter XXXVIII. Concerning the Dead Man Humphrey and How I Saw a Vision in the Moonlight
Chapter XXXIX. How My Dear Lady Came Back to Me
Chapter XL. Of Clothes
Chapter XLI. Of the Voice that Sang on Deliverance Sands
Chapter XLII. Concerning the Song of a Dead Man
Chapter XLIII. Of the Death-Dance of the Silver Woman
Chapter XLIV. How I Had Speech with Roger Tressady to My Undoing
Chapter XLV. Of the Coming of Adam Penfeather
Chapter XLVI. How I Doubted Myself
Chapter XLVII. How My Doubting was Resolved for Me

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