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The Mucker
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Part I
Chapter I. Billy Byrne
Chapter II. Shanghaied
Chapter III. The Conspiracy
Chapter IV. Piracy
Chapter V. Larry Divine Unmasked
Chapter VI. The Mucker at Bay
Chapter VII. The Typhoon
Chapter VIII. The Wreck of the "Halfmoon"
Chapter IX. Oda Yorimoto
Chapter X. Barbara Captured by Head-Hunters
Chapter XI. The Village of Yoka
Chapter XII. The Fight in the Palace
Chapter XIII. A Gentleman of France
Chapter XIV. The Mucker Sees a New Light
Chapter XV. The Rescue
Chapter XVI. The Supreme Sacrifice
Chapter XVII. Home Again
Chapter XVIII. The Gulf Between
Part II
Chapter I. The Murder Trial
Chapter II. The Escape
Chapter III. "Five Hundred Dollars Reward"
Chapter IV. On the Trail
Chapter V. One Turn Deserves Another
Chapter VI. "Baby Bandits"
Chapter VII. In Pesita's Camp
Chapter VIII. Billy's First Command
Chapter IX. Barbara in Mexico
Chapter X. Billy Cracks a Safe
Chapter XI. Barbara Releases a Conspirator
Chapter XII. Billy to the Rescue
Chapter XIII. Barbara Again
Chapter XIV. 'Twixt Love and Duty'
Chapter XV. An Indian's Treachery
Chapter XVI. Eddie Makes Good
Chapter XVII. "You are My Girl!"

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