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Montezuma's Daughter
by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. Why Thomas Wingfield Tells His Tale
Chapter II. Of the Parentage of Thomas Wingfield
Chapter III. The Coming of the Spaniard
Chapter IV. Thomas Tells His Love
Chapter V. Thomas Swears an Oath
Chapter VI. Good-Bye, Sweetheart
Chapter VII. Andres de Fonseca
Chapter VIII. The Second Meeting
Chapter IX. Thomas Becomes Rich
Chapter X. The Passing of Isabella de Siguenza
Chapter XI. The Loss of the Carak
Chapter XII. Thomas Comes to Shore
Chapter XIII. The Stone of Sacrifice
Chapter XIV. The Saving of Guatemoc
Chapter XV. The Court of Montezuma
Chapter XVI. Thomas Becomes a God
Chapter XVII. The Arising of Papantzin
Chapter XVIII. The Naming of the Brides
Chapter XIX. The Four Goddesses
Chapter XX. Otomie's Counsel
Chapter XXI. The Kiss of Love
Chapter XXII. The Triumph of the Cross
Chapter XXIII. Thomas is Married
Chapter XXIV. The Night of Fear
Chapter XXV. The Burying of Montezuma's Treasure
Chapter XXVI. The Crowning of Guatemoc
Chapter XXVII. The Fall of Tenoctitlan
Chapter XXVIII. Thomas is Doomed
Chapter XXIX. De Garcia Speaks His Mind
Chapter XXX. The Escape
Chapter XXXI. Otomie Pleads with Her People
Chapter XXXII. The End of Guatemoc
Chapter XXXIII. Isabella de Siguenza is Avenged
Chapter XXXIV. The Siege of the City of Pines
Chapter XXXV. The Last Sacrifice of the Women of the Otomie
Chapter XXXVI. The Surrender
Chapter XXXVII. Vengeance
Chapter XXXVIII. Otomie's Farewell
Chapter XXXIX. Thomas Comes Back from the Dead
Chapter XL. Amen

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