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by H. Rider Haggard
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I. My Visitor
II. The Years Roll By
III. The Sherd of Amenartas
IV. The Squall
V. The Head of the Ethiopian
VI. An Early Christian Ceremony
VII. Ustane Sings
VIII. The Feast, and After!
IX. A Little Foot
X. Speculations
XI. The Plain of Kôr
XII. "She"
XIII. Ayesha Unveils
XIV. A Soul in Hell
XV. Ayesha Gives Judgment
XVI. The Tombs of Kôr
XVII. The Balance Turns
XVIII. "Go, Woman!"
XIX. "Give Me a Black Goat!"
XX. Triumph
XXI. The Dead and Living Meet
XXII. Job Has a Presentiment
XXIII. The Temple of Truth
XXIV. Walking the Plank
XXV. The Spirit of Life
XXVI. What We Saw
XXVII. We Leap
XXVIII. Over the Mountain

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