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by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. A Mist Wraith
Chapter II. At the Bell Rock
Chapter III. A Confession of Faith
Chapter IV. The Watcher at the Door
Chapter V. Elizabeth is Thankful
Chapter VI. Owen Davies at Home
Chapter VII. A Matrimonial Tale
Chapter VIII. Explanatory
Chapter IX. What Beatrice Dreamed
Chapter X. Lady Honoria Makes Arrangements
Chapter XI. Beatrice Makes an Appointment
Chapter XII. The Writing on the Sand
Chapter XIII. Geoffrey Lectures
Chapter XIV. Drifting
Chapter XV. Only Good-Night
Chapter XVI. The Flat Near the Edgware Road
Chapter XVII. Geoffrey Wins His Case
Chapter XVIII. The Rising Star
Chapter XIX. Geoffrey Has a Visitor
Chapter XX. Back at Bryngelly
Chapter XXI. The Third Appeal
Chapter XXII. A Night of Storm
Chapter XXIII. A Dawn of Rain
Chapter XXIV. Lady Honoria Takes the Field
Chapter XXV. Elizabeth Shows Her Teeth
Chapter XXVI. What Beatrice Swore
Chapter XXVII. The House of Commons
Chapter XXVIII. I Will Wait for You
Chapter XXIX. A Woman's Last Word
Chapter XXX. Ave Atque Vale
Chapter XXXI. The Duchess's Ball

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