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The Efficiency Expert
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Chapter I. Jimmy Torrance, Jr.
Chapter II. Jimmy Will Accept a Position.
Chapter III. The Lizard.
Chapter IV. Jimmy Hunts a Job.
Chapter V. Jimmy Lands One.
Chapter VI. Harold Plays the Raven.
Chapter VII. Jobless Again.
Chapter VIII. Bread From the Waters.
Chapter IX. Harold Sits in a Game.
Chapter X. At Feinheimer's.
Chapter XI. Christmas Eve.
Chapter XII. Up or Down?
Chapter XIII. Harriet Philosophizes.
Chapter XIV. In Again--Out Again.
Chapter XV. Little Eva.
Chapter XVI. Jimmy Throws a Bluff.
Chapter XVII. Jimmy on the Job.
Chapter XVIII. The Efficiency Expert.
Chapter XIX. Plotting.
Chapter XX. An Invitation to Dine.
Chapter XXI. Jimmy Tells the Truth.
Chapter XXII. A Letter From Murray.
Chapter XXIII. Laid Up.
Chapter XXIV. In the Toils.
Chapter XXV. Circumstantial Evidence.
Chapter XXVI. "The Only Friends He Has."
Chapter XXVII. The Trial.
Chapter XXVIII. The Verdict.

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