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Nada the Lily
by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. The Boy Chaka Prophesies
Chapter II. Mopo is in Trouble
Chapter III. Mopo Ventures Home
Chapter IV. The Flight of Mopo and Baleka
Chapter V. Mopo Becomes the King's Doctor
Chapter VI. The Birth of Umslopogaas
Chapter VII. Umslopogaas Answers the King
Chapter VIII. The Great Ingomboco
Chapter IX. The Loss of Umslopogaas
Chapter X. The Trial of Mopo
Chapter XI. The Counsel of Baleka
Chapter XII. The Tale of Galazi the Wolf
Chapter XIII. Galazi Becomes King of the Wolves
Chapter XIV. The Wolf-Brethren
Chapter XV. The Death of the King's Slayers
Chapter XVI. Umslopogaas Ventures Out to Win the Axe
Chapter XVII. Umslopogaas Becomes Chief of the People of the Axe
Chapter XVIII. The Curse of Baleka
Chapter XIX. Masilo Comes to the Kraal Duguza
Chapter XX. Mopo Bargains with the Princes
Chapter XXI. The Death of Chaka
Chapter XXII. Mopo Goes to Seek the Slaughterer
Chapter XXIII. Mopo Reveals Himself to the Slaughterer
Chapter XXIV. The Slaying of the Boers
Chapter XXV. The War with the Halakazi People
Chapter XXVI. The Finding of Nada
Chapter XXVII. The Stamping of the Fire
Chapter XXVIII. The Lily is Brought to Dingaan
Chapter XXIX. Mopo Tells His Tale
Chapter XXX. The Coming of Nada
Chapter XXXI. The War of the Women
Chapter XXXII. Zinita Comes to the King
Chapter XXXIII. The End of the People, Black and Grey
Chapter XXXIV. The Lily's Farewell
Chapter XXXV. The Vengeance of Mopo and His Fosterling
Chapter XXXVI. Mopo Ends His Tale

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