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Allan Quatermain
by H. Rider Haggard
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Chapter I. The Consul's Yarn
Chapter II. The Black Hand
Chapter III. The Mission Station
Chapter IV. Alphonse and His Annette
Chapter V. Umslopogaas Makes A Promise
Chapter VI. The Night Wears On
Chapter VII. A Slaughter Grim and Great
Chapter VIII. Alphonse Explains
Chapter IX. Into the Unknown
Chapter X. The Rose of Fire
Chapter XI. The Frowning City
Chapter XII. The Sister Queens
Chapter XIII. About the Zu-Vendi People
Chapter XIV. The Flower Temple
Chapter XV. Sorais' Song
Chapter XVI. Before the Statue
Chapter XVII. The Storm Breaks
Chapter XVIII. War! Red War!
Chapter XIX. A Strange Wedding
Chapter XX. The Battle of the Pass
Chapter XXI. Away! Away!
Chapter XXII. How Umslopogaas Held the Stair
Chapter XXIII. I Have Spoken
Chapter XXIV. By Another Hand

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