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The Beasts of Tarzan
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Chapter 1. Kidnapped
Chapter 2. Marooned
Chapter 3. Beasts at Bay
Chapter 4. Sheeta
Chapter 5. Mugambi
Chapter 6. A Hideous Crew
Chapter 7. Betrayed
Chapter 8. The Dance of Death
Chapter 9. Chivalry or Villainy
Chapter 10. The Swede
Chapter 11. Tambudza
Chapter 12. A Black Scoundrel
Chapter 13. Escape
Chapter 14. Alone in the Jungle
Chapter 15. Down the Ugambi
Chapter 16. In the Darkness of the Night
Chapter 17. On the Deck of the "Kincaid"
Chapter 18. Paulvitch Plots Revenge
Chapter 19. The Last of the "Kincaid"
Chapter 20. Jungle Island Again
Chapter 21. The Law of the Jungle

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