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The Eternal Savage
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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I. Nu of the Niocene
II. The Earthquake
III. Nu the Sleeper Awakes
IV. The Mysterious Hunter
V. The Watcher
VI. Nu and the Lion
VII. Victoria Obeys the Call
VIII. Captured by Arabs
IX. Nu Goes to Find Nat-ul
X. On the Trail
XI. The Abduction
XII. The Cave Man Finds His Mate
XIII. Into the Jungle
XIV. Again a World Upheaval
XV. Back to the Stone Age
XVI. The Great Cave-bear
XVII. The Boat Builders
XVIII. Nu's First Voyage
XIX. The Anthropoid Apes
XX. The Beast-fires
XXI. Bound to the Stake
XXII. The Fight
XXIII. Gron's Revenge
XXIV. The Aurochs
XXV. Tur's Deception
XXVI. Nat-ul Is Heart-broken
XXVII. "I Have Come to Save You"
XXVIII. What the Cave Revealed

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